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Art Cafe

Art Cafe's cuisine is inspired by the many coffee shops that you might find in the streets of Tel Aviv and Europe, with a mix of traditional Israeli recipes and some new creative flavors. Not only do we have a passion for great taste but we also focus on food being healthy. We strongly believe in the phrase "you are what you eat" so we integrate Organic products wherever possible into our dishes. Our focus on such great quality and flavor has led us to Blue Bottle Coffee, a fully Organic and fresh brand of coffee based in Oakland, that pairs well with many of our dishes.

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Our Story

The roots of the Art Cafe run very deep through the personal history of it’s proprieter, Dorit Kramer. Born in Israel to a family that had been living in Jerusalem for nine generations, Dorit learned the arts of cooking and hospitality not by going to school, but by absorbing the world that surrounded her– a world full of warm personalites. It is an echo of all things that have come before, but when it hits your ears, it sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.


Art Cafe of Nyack
65 South Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 353-4230